History of Everton Park Kindergarten

The C&K affiliated Everton Park Kindergarten opened in 1962 at the current Fallon Street site.

Establishment of Everton Park Kindergarten

At a public meeting held on Thursday 28th March 1957, at St Judes’ Hall, a Kindergarten Association was formed. Their aim was to build a kindergarten, to do so there were two major requirements; much needed funds and a site to erect the building. Fundraising began with much enthusiasm and excitement however, the process of acquiring land resulted in many disappointments and setbacks. With the assistance of members from the Creche & Kindergarten Association, land was finally acquired.

In October 1961, the Trustees signed a lease, which was drawn up by the Brisbane City Council for the present Fallon Street site. After receiving bank loan approval and accepting a building quote from L Cogdale of Aspley for 3,457 Pounds the building began and in 1962 Everton Park Kindergarten was established.