Nyree Smith

I have worked as a Kindergarten Teacher and Assistant Service Leader for the last twelve years in long day care and school-based settings. I initially started my education career as a primary school teacher, but quickly realised that kindergarten offered more opportunities for authentic child driven learning and flexibility in the curriculum.

After completing a Visual Arts Degree, I spent my twenties working in a few different creative industries including film and television production and food production. None of these careers offered the same opportunities for creative thinking, fulfilment and enjoyment that working as a kindergarten teacher does.

Everyday at work I support children to think creatively, problem solve, make connections with others, build their curiosity, confidence and resilience and this is all through play. I enjoy teaching arts in all its faculties, scientific inquiry, early literacy, and nature paly.

I am so excited to be a part of Everton Park Kindergarten as the people and space are amazing. Two generations of my partner’s family have attended here, and I appreciate how important it is both as a community and as part of the wider community.

Time in Early Childhood Education 
Since 2012

Time at C&K Everton Park 
Since 2024

When not at Kindy  
I live with my partner of 26 years, Scott, our two teenage children who I continue to learn from and a rescue dog that needs me a lot more than my children ever did. I am passionate about looking after the natural environment and challenge myself to continue to reduce my impact on it. I spend most of my free time in my garden, kitchen or at my local leisure centre doing classes.