Our Philosophy

At C&K Everton Park we aim to create a true sense of belonging for our children and our families. It is important to us that our families feel welcome at the centre and become a part of our warm, inclusive community.

Our philosophy is strongly based on the power and importance of play.

Our role is to foster deep engagement and to nurture a love of learning. We see children as inquisitive, active learners. We provide ample time, space and numerous quality resources to support and enhance their learning.

We truly view every child as competent and capable.

We aim to create a nurturing and inspiring environment. Children’s ideas are explored, valued, included and responded to. We want each child to feel empowered to experiment, explore, hypothesise, take risks, create, imagine and wonder within a safe environment.

We respect the rights of children.

We believe in and advocate for the protection of children’s safety, health and well-being.

We are inspired and guided by our natural setting.

Our Kindergarten is set in a beautiful and inviting physical environment. We feel a strong connection to this peaceful place. We value practices of sustainability and caring for our environment through seeking sustainable solutions.

We aim to foster a sense of ownership, respect and belonging.

We consider the diverse range of abilities, interests, cultural backgrounds and identities to develop a program that is inclusive of all children and their families. We strive to raise our awareness and knowledge of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

We deeply value the relationships that we build within our kindergarten.

We seek out and develop caring partnerships with families, committee and community. We welcome and encourage families to be actively involved in our community by offering ideas and sharing information, skills and experiences. We seek to build partnerships within our local community. We strive to make these partnerships reciprocal and collaborative with all voices being heard.

Our team at C&K Everton Park are valued as individuals, each bringing their own strengths and personal qualities which add to building an engaging learning environment.

We are committed to continuous improvement through professional development, reflective practices and feedback from our children, families and community.

We celebrate our history at C&K Everton Park and proudly hold to traditions while growing our centre. We endeavour to maintain and develop our vibrant presence in our community.