Why Choose C&K Everton Park Kindy?

C&K’s Motto is “Where Children Come First”.

At C&K Everton Park Kindy we value this concept & incorporate it in all aspects of our Kindergarten.

Learning through Play

Play is a child’s natural learning strategy.

Research evidence suggests when children learn through play, they end up better at reading and other intellectual skills, and they are more likely to become well-adjusted healthy people.

C&K Kindergartens offer unique curriculums to guide learning. These are the Early Years Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and Listening and Learning Together, C&K Curriculum Approach. These frame-works promote the importance of the early years in laying the foundation for success in life and learning.

We are a truly play based kindergarten where children, families and educators are involved in every day decision making. This involves curriculum, program, management & social occasions.

Approved Kindergarten Program Exceeding the National Quality Standards

Approved Kindergarten Programs are assessed and certified by the Qld Government to ensure children across the state receive a consistent, quality education.

At C&K Everton Park we have not only met the requirements of an approved Kindergarten Program we have received a status of “Exceeding National Quality Standard”. This means our Kindergarten program makes that “extra” effort to ensure we do better than just meet the minimum requirements.

Qualified & Experienced Staff

Each group have two qualified educators consisting of a fully qualified early childhood Teacher and an Assistant who has a Certificate III in Early Childhood.

In 2021 each group also has a qualified and experienced inclusion support assistant.

At C&K Everton Park Kindy our educators are highly qualified and experienced. Teachers regularly attend professional development opportunities to stay current in their profession.

To ensure minimal disruption to our groups and allow children to feel comfortable and secure our teachers often provide relief support for each other in the event that the other is absent.

Our dedicated educators work as a close knit team and are passionate about the motto “Where Children Come First”.

Environment & Resources

C&K Everton Park Kindy is located on a large leafy block with a large kindergarten room, access to outdoor deck & veranda and a huge playground full of leafy trees, real grass, large sandpit, shady forest area & many gardens. The children can enjoy playing in this beautiful natural environment listening to the wonderful birds that live in our trees and observing the many natural wonders of their surroundings.

As we have a maximum of 25 children at any time the children have the benefit & freedom associated with having the entire kindergarten to themselves.

C&K Everton Park Kindy is very well resourced with ample paint, craft resources, creative play equipment, books, puzzles, music and outdoor play equipment. Children are able to direct the type of play by selecting their own equipment, paints, choosing music, directing games and expressing their imagination. Children are able to continue play over consecutive kindergarten days if they wish.

At C&K Everton Park Kindy each day is exciting and new. A day may involve working on projects and investigations, exploring, communicating, sharing, creating, imagining and much more.


At C&K Everton Park Kindy children, family and educators work together to ensure the best outcomes for the children.

Our kindergarten is run by a management committee of parents. Parents are involved in all aspects of decision making.

At C&K Everton Park Kindy we involve the whole family in the child’s learning by providing opportunities such as:

  • Roster days. Parents/ Grandparents can participate in a day at Kindy and experience what Kindy life is all about. This is especially fun on birthdays.
  • Working parents morning. We understand that for some parents a day at Kindy just can’t fit in with working life. To involve working parents we open the Kindy to parents and children to visit on a Saturday morning.
  • Grandparent morning. Grandparents love to visit and so we run a morning where they can come and enjoy Kindy. For children who may not have Grandparents close by we always find the children love to assist their friends with their “special visitors”.
  • Social events. During the year we run social events for families such as Kindy disco, welcome BBQ’s and other fun activities.

Groups & Hours of Operation

At C&K Everton Park Kindy we cater for two groups of children with a maximum of 25 in each group. Children attend a five day fortnight at the centre. Kindergarten Hours are 8.45am to 2.50pm during school terms.

Group 1 attends Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesday
Group 2 attends Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesday

Set groups & fixed hours provide children with structure that nurtures each child’s confidence and independence. The children can build strong friendships with the others in their group and stable relationships with the educators who can understand each child’s individuality.

Children arrive & leave at the same time fostering friendships, confidence and independence skills (eg packing/ unpacking bags, responsibility for belongings).

A common arrival and departure time also fosters parent friendships as it gives families a chance to interact and socialise.

Non Profit

C&K Everton Park Kindy is a non-profit association. All funds are reinvested into the kindergarten to benefit the children. Families form the management of the kindergarten and are involved in management decisions.

C&K Everton Park Kindy was established in 1962 and with the wonderful support of families and the community we have a wonderful environment and well resourced kindergarten.

Visit us and you will see

  • Respectful relationships and responsive interactions
  • Connection with the natural world
  • Ongoing projects and investigations
  • Relaxed, quiet and peaceful times as well as active and energetic times
  • Abundant resources and learning opportunities
  • Spontaneous singing, laughter and joy